Andrew Jowett

Web Design

Web Design


Acheson Ventures (AV) is a staple of the south end of Port Huron and has redeveloped the waterfront area for everyone to enjoy with their philanthropic efforts. AV needed a new website that would highlight the transition of their philanthropic mission to a new goal. They wanted to showcase their portfolio of properties they were offering for sale to a prospective developer.

With clean images and design the website showcases the properties with epic aerial videography to give the full scope of the scale of the waterfront properties. The simple design works great on desktop and mobile and invites users to browse through the available properties with ease.




Desmond Marine is a full service marina operation located on the Black River at the mouth of the St. Clair River adjacent to Lake Huron. Desmond Marine wanted a website to showcase their “industry leaders” motto. Thoughtful placement of the larger than life imagery immerses the user in the gem of the Great Lakes. Original written content communicates the services available while inviting guests to experience them on their own. Bright and clean design was used to showcase the energy of life on the water during a summer in Michigan.

iPhone XDesmond.jpg


Niven Weddings is a wedding photography business with the goal of timeless and clean imagery. With simple and bright design, the website communicates that same message. With easy navigation and multiple buttons for learning more information and promoting contact, users are drawn into interacting and ultimately booking.

iPhone X Niven Weddings.jpg