Andrew Jowett


A Wedding in Mexico

Perfect destination wedding

So I don't really consider myself a wedding photographer. Weddings are tough to shoot and it's a big responsibility to make sure you capture moments not only that celebrate the day but also the couple getting married. I can appreciate good wedding work and look up to the talent of many professional wedding photographers. It's a real challenge, which is why I like to give it a shot every once and awhile.

I met Matt Cunningham during my time shooting photos for Wayne State University. Matt works at the law school and was my contact at different events and outings I would shoot. Matt is an awesome person and was always super complimentary of my work, so much so that he asked me to shoot his wedding in Mexico! Wasn't going to pass that up. Shortly after Matt introduced me to his fiancé Kristin who is just as amazing as Matt. And shortly after that I was on my flight headed south of the border.

The wedding took place on the East coast of Mexico at an amazing resort.

It was such an awesome experience to be able to capture such important moments for Matt and Kristi and so lucky that they invited me along.