Andrew Jowett


Surfing Kincardine

Scoring Waves at Lake Huron's Station Beach

Kincardine has always been a spot for surfers in western Ontario to come and surf some of Lake Huron's finest waves. My journey began with a crossing of the Blue Water Bridge on a frigid December afternoon hoping to chase the sunset along with some surfers. It wasn't guaranteed there would be anyone out there, but the conditions were perfect and I took my chances on the 3 hour drive up the Canadian Lake Huron coast.

After spending about an hour checking out the pier and the surrounding beaches it was apparent that the conditions for awesome waves were ideal but there were no surfers in sight. 

Just when the sun was close to setting I looked out to the pier and there were surfers walking out! Trip justified!

It was awesome to see these three shred. I introduced myself and met Paul, Drew and Erika. All three are Great Lakes surfers and all three were absolutely getting after it. It was unreal to watch them ride these crazy waves on such a brutal day. They were awesome as can be and had smiles all around.

It was an epic day and a day well spent chasing waves and meeting Drew, Paul and Erika.