Andrew Jowett


Migration Surf - Board Shaping with Tim Folkert

Surf board shaping in Michigan

I have always been interested in board shaping and the process involved in crafting surf boards. I was lucky enough to get in contact with Tim Folkert, the founder and shaper of Migration Surf in Holland, MI, to watch him shape a board.

After a long series of emails and texts I finally made my way over to his shop on a weekday in early December. After a 3 hour drive from the east coast I was greeted by Tim outside his shop with a huge face filling smile and the positive laid back attitude you'd expect from a Michigander who spent years learning the craft in Santa Cruz, California.

After Tim showed me around his shaper studio we talked about his journey to becoming one of the few who shapes surfboards in the state of Michigan. Tim is an awesome and rad dude who couldn't have been more welcoming and totally stoked to be sharing his love for surf.

It was awesome watching and listening to Tim as he shaped a board and share the story of how he became involved in surfing and board shaping. To check out more of his boards head over to his website

- Andrew